Starting a Coffee Shop

With a 100% refund if you go on to purchase an espresso machine!

Starting up is hard going, so we try to help you right from the word go.

This course runs for 2 days. It will provide you with lots of detailed information you need to open and run a successful coffee shop. From picking the right equipment, finding a site and how to make the perfect espresso - this course is ideal for those starting out in the retail industry.

You will learn how to:

  • Finding a site, correct locations and competitors in a local area
  • Competition research and developing a stand out strategy for your company
  • Who are your customers?
  • Stockists, menu, design and operations
  • Risks to look out for.
  • Sourcing the right equipment
  • Ordering, bulk orders, recommended shelf lives
  • Marketing & branding, how it effects your business and when to do it
  • Planning your opening
  • Health & safety essentials
  • How to train your staff and organise working hours and methods
  • Recruitment
  • Barista training, how to use your machine and grinder
  • Learn how to make all the drinks on your menu
  • Machine cleaning and basic maintenance

This course draws on all of our knowledge at Qualitasse. You will hear from the owner, barista trainer, sales and service departments to get genuine insider knowledge of the market. It has a great mix of practical skills and technical knowledge to set up a cafe that is going to stand out from your competition.

Yes ! It's True ! If you purchase an espresso machine - any make / model / price, from the current range at Qualitasse Coffee Roasters within 6 months of completing this course, 100% of the course fee will be refunded !

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  • Duration: 2 days
  • Price: £375+vat
  • Price: £299+vat
    You can claim 100% of this back if you purchase an espresso machine from Qualitasse Coffee Roasters for your new venture within 6 months...!
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What People
Say About Us

A big thank you to Garry
for providing such informative training...
the team were discussing coffee
most of the drive back!

Lanes Hotel

What People
Say About Us

Lovely to have the training in a
working coffee environment
with amazing trainers.

Staff from Waitrose

What People
Say About Us

Coffee in an environment
where you learn
from some amazing passionate people!

What People
Say About Us

Since the barista training
all the staff including myself
are more confident in making coffee
and the feedback has all been positive from our customers.

Grastar Restaurant, Havant

What People
Say About Us

I would like to pass on
positive feedback for Garry
who did our Barista training
with myself and the rest of the staff at Grastar.

Grastar Restaurant, Havant

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