Coffee Barista Taster Course

For those with no experience in coffee making that want to get an insight into the exciting world of coffee. On our coffee barista taster course you will be shown what goes into making great coffee and why freshness, grind and maintenance are so important.

Please note this course will only be run when we have a total of 4 people booked onto it.

Course Overview


Time for everyone to get acquainted and a chance for us to make you a great cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) to get you started.

What's that about beans?

A look at different types of beans and a talk about the background of coffee.

The importance of the grind

A presentation on the importance of freshness of coffee and how it is ground. You will be invited to partake in a tasting of espressos to see what a difference these factors can make.

How do you like your milk?

We demonstrate the difference between a cappuccino and a latte and how that beautiful creamy foam is created. You will have the chance to have a go at making these two drinks yourself to get a feel of what a barista spends a lifetime perfecting.

The Menu

Taste a variety of drinks you would expect to find on any coffee shop menu... and a few that aren't.

Machine upkeep

We talk you through the importance of a well maintained machine and what to spot on a machine that isn't up to the job.

During the course you will be asked to participate in various activities and discussions.

  • Suitable for the home enthusiast
  • Great introduction to the coffee industry
  • How beans are processed
  • Espresso extraction
  • Milk texturing techniques
  • Drink preparation
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: £99+vat
  • Certification: Qualitasse
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What People
Say About Us

Coffee in an environment
where you learn
from some amazing passionate people!

What People
Say About Us

Lovely to have the training in a
working coffee environment
with amazing trainers.

Staff from Waitrose

What People
Say About Us

I just want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed
the Boot Camp Barista Training with Garry today.
It was an eye-opening experience


What People
Say About Us

I would like to pass on
positive feedback for Garry
who did our Barista training
with myself and the rest of the staff at Grastar.

Grastar Restaurant, Havant

What People
Say About Us

Since the barista training
all the staff including myself
are more confident in making coffee
and the feedback has all been positive from our customers.

Grastar Restaurant, Havant

What People
Say About Us

A big thank you to Garry
for providing such informative training...
the team were discussing coffee
most of the drive back!

Lanes Hotel

What People
Say About Us

I’m so glad that I attended.
Now every time I drink coffee,
I’ll appreciate it more.
Surely I have become a big fan of your coffee beans
and will be a loyal customer from now on.


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