Barista Training
for Hartletts Cafe

September 2016

Barista Training Delegates

We had a really great training session today! Had 5 guys in from Hartletts Café in Hook, Hampshire.

They had varying levels of experience, so it was important to emphasise consistency.

This is something we always aim to get across to our barista training students – it generally takes three visits or so for a customer to become a regular. It will not happen if their first visit is great but then their second visit is awful, or even average. They will more than likely not be coming back again and someone else will get their business. It will then take a lot of sales and marketing time and effort to try and get them back, if that's possible at all...

What some of the students said...

I thought coffee was "just coffee"
I had no idea there were so many variables [to making a great coffee]

Latte art

First-time Latte Art

Latte art is a skill that requires practice. It is often the first thing people want to learn but are then left frustrated.

Before latte art is mastered – so many more things need to be perfected: Grind and extraction, milk texturing techniques and recipe builds all need to be in place. Once you confidently deliver these, the artwork will come!

Despite this, if we have time at the end of a barista training session, we will have a bit of fun with texturing the milk to let the students have a go at some latte art. It is a good discipline to learn if only to act as a measure of the quality of the crema and the milk.

The picture shows the very first attempt at some latte art by one of the students on this course. A great start - but perhaps you should book yourself on the dedicated Latte Art Course

What People
Say About Us

Coffee in an environment
where you learn
from some amazing passionate people!

What People
Say About Us

Since the barista training
all the staff including myself
are more confident in making coffee
and the feedback has all been positive from our customers.

Grastar Restaurant, Havant

What People
Say About Us

I would like to pass on
positive feedback for Garry
who did our Barista training
with myself and the rest of the staff at Grastar.

Grastar Restaurant, Havant

What People
Say About Us

A big thank you to Garry
for providing such informative training...
the team were discussing coffee
most of the drive back!

Lanes Hotel

What People
Say About Us

I just want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed
the Boot Camp Barista Training with Garry today.
It was an eye-opening experience


What People
Say About Us

I’m so glad that I attended.
Now every time I drink coffee,
I’ll appreciate it more.
Surely I have become a big fan of your coffee beans
and will be a loyal customer from now on.


What People
Say About Us

Lovely to have the training in a
working coffee environment
with amazing trainers.

Staff from Waitrose

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