Are we qualified to provide you with barista training ?

We have been in the coffee business since 1982.

We started as a family company providing filter coffee to local businesses and have grown organically into a company (still family owned and operated) who provide a professional coffee systems service to hotels, restaurants, and catering companies throughout the UK.

We have a warehouse full of coffee related products that we provide. We supply, install and service professional espresso machines and bean-to-cup machines (our own engineers) and we even have our Artisan Coffee Van to serve coffee at functions and events.

We are members of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and are a City & Guilds accredited Barista Training School.

Please contact us if you require any testimonials from previous delegates.

Artisan Coffee Cup in the Barista Training Room

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Improve your coffee service - improve your profits

FACT: serving better quality = increase in repeat business

It is a well know fact that if you serve a better quality coffee your repeat business will increase. Word gets around and people chose your coffee over your competitors. To serve a better quality coffee involves a number of factors, including the quality and roast of the coffee bean, the age of the coffee bean, how it has been ground, the milk and how it is heated, and most importantly the operator - the barista.

Barista Hints & Tips

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